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Unleash The Power of Your Intuition Seminars
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We have within us the capacity to be our own best friend or our own worst enemy. That nature speaks to us through our inner wellspring of intuitive wisdom.

It doesn't come from outside, it comes from within our creative and imaginative inner self

This powerful transformational system has been successfully offered since 1993 to women and men who are ready to adventure into new realms of self-reliance.

The results?

• Focusing your passion to create your ideal life.

• Harnessing your intuition to overcome or avoid life's obstacles & identify opportunities.

• Maintaining a consistent spiritual connection that enhances your peace of mind and guides you to make enlightened life choices.

"Intuition is your soul voice speaking . . . all you have to do is learn to listen."

Call me at: 949-322-0847 for a free phone consultation that will help you discover whether this is a timely opportunity to nurture your core needs and desires and increase your ability to thrive both personally and professionally.
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All the processes are written and facilitated by Susan McNeal Velasquez. The seminars are experiential rather than lecture oriented. Each six week series is a one of a kind, and is tailored to the specific needs of the group.

A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve your seat. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and can be made after your initial free phone consultation. Please call: 949-322-0847 to make an appointment and to find out the specific information on tuition, location and availability.

Be assured that there is never any pressure to make a commitment. The intent of our phone conversation is to give us time to connect and have an opportunity to make sure that this is a timely and appropriate arena that will meet your specific needs and desires.


I was going through a very emotionally and spiritually, tough divorce. This was not my first divorce and I really needed help to feel like I wasn’t completely crazy. Not only did I need to be a whole person for myself but for my daughter. I was at a point in my life where I was ready to do some deep soul searching. A friend introduced me to Susan and her Unleash program. I worked with Susan for three years, hardly missing a session of the work.

It is difficult to talk about the Unleash work. It is very deep soul work. Susan touched a part of me that has never been touched before. I have been in therapy before. First was Cognitive therapy and it never came close to it. I even did Freudian Analysis and it never felt right. Working with Susan has been like coming home. It has helped me on so many deep levels and in so many ways. I don’t think I would be as happy, confident and grounded emotionally and spiritually had I not done the work with Unleash. It was no accident that I met Susan and started doing this program. She helped me understand and build up my self confidence, my belief in myself. I had lost a lot of that. I am more discerning and make my decisions more from a place of choice. I have always been an intuitive person though I rarely listened to myself. Now, I feel more in touch. I get much stronger intuitive reactions and recognize them much faster and more easily. My inner critic is very quiet now; I trust myself. Susan made my life better for being in it and for getting me involved in the process.

This is a much more comfortable place to live. Thanks!

K.M.~ Newport Beach, California

I am one of a few males working with Susan in her seminars. I do it because I am pragmatic. I am about getting results and this works. I wanted to get a handle on the thing that has been bothering me for so long, that was my primary goal.

This work has enabled me to clear up old emotional patterns. Working in my inner world, I have realized more of myself and am able to recognize when other parts of me are talking. Before, I only listened to the loudest voices. There were undiscovered emotional sides of myself that I had no idea were there.

Susan talks about Core Awareness – where whole stability is. The work is subtle yet powerful. It is remarkable what can be accomplished in 6 weeks. Finding one’s core and being able to access it when things get overwhelming has given me a solid base to stand on, confidence and belief in myself. I know I will prevail, I don’t necessarily know how but I have enough to heal and move forward. Of course I will be blocked or frightened or reach a dead end but now I have the bottom line knowledge that I will prevail.

I have the tools to handle the lows and the sublime. I see how rich and complex each of us and life is and this carries me through the times when it gets ugly. There are moments of Grace when I feel so at one with myself and the world, humble and grateful. The world is magic and it is enough to be me. Not everything heals overnight. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes it just pops. Whether it is slow or quick, there is healing something in my past that has been holding me back, keeping me paralyzed, keeping me from expanding to other parts of myself.

I am an introvert and being in the group gave me a whole different comfort level in being with people. Now I can talk in front of people and am able to communicate in the group which gives me a foundation to take it out in public and promote myself.

The way Susan explains things and the examples she uses, are remarkable. As a writer, she has a great gift to communicate. She has the most beautiful heart. An extraordinary woman.

Thank You!

P. L. ~ Laguna Niguel, California

I had been through a long period of recovering from Chronic Fatigue. My life worked, in a mundane way, business, home, all of the trappings. I began to question what is in my heart and soul, what are my goals? I was yearning for conversations in those areas. I found Susan through my sister-in- law who had taken the Unleash seminar. I read Susan’s book and when she mentioned that we have forgotten how to play, that struck a chord. I enrolled in the seminar.

It mesmerized me because it wasn’t about doing. My whole life was about to do lists and this was a complete shift for me. I only needed to bring in symbols; no work, no homework. I began to connect to my heart and soul, like coming home to my own true self. There was a me and a purpose I came in with that became altered because of the influence of peers, my parents, my spouse not to mention the culture. The Unleash seminar gave me permission to validate my own values, wants, needs, desires, accept myself, and not make me or anyone else wrong because of it.

I am very responsible in the world and this has given me permission to be responsible to and for myself. There have been small shifts, times that nothing has happened and huge shifts. For example, I went to Santa Fe by myself, knowing no one for a month. I had never done anything like that before. This experience invigorated my belief in myself and my ability to take care of myself.

The seminar worked me rather than me working hard. It drew things to me and up for me, like receiving Grace. I felt dry and this brought my juices back up. My experience of life is transformed and I know this will be an ongoing process until I die. The seminar prepares and opens up the ability to see things you didn’t or couldn’t see before. It is a stealth process, invisible and yet creating tangible results.

It fulfilled my desire for more depth, meaning and joy and empowered me to connect with my heart and soul.

K. S. ~ Newport Beach, California






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