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There are two types of phone appointments that I offer:

Clarity Consultatiion: 949-322-0847

This is a one-hour phone consultation that is designed to assist you to gain clarity regarding a specific problem that you are currently facing.

My job is to facilitate the trip back to yourself as gently and efficiently as possible, so that you can access your own answers. Once the answers emerge, you can then choose what is the highest and best action to take given whatever is currently challenging you.

The issue can be something that you are struggling with internally, you with you, or a relationship issue. Clarity consulting also works for work-related issues. This is a one time, or as needed, option.

Corporate Coaching By Phone: 949-322-0847
(Executive Level Management or Business Owner)

This level of consulting is conducted by phone and is intended for the executive or individual business owner who wants to add to their skill level, particularly in the area of strengthening their emotional intelligence and ability to access their own intuitive skills. The outcome is an enhanced mastery of high-level communication skills by expanding their knowledge of the intuitive aspect of themselves. (Suggested time commitment - 10 consecutive weeks - 10 hours).



For individuals (who don't like the phone, don’t have the time to make a six-week commitment to the Unleash The Power of Your Intuition Mentoring Seminar Series, and want face-to-face contact). (Two hour time commitment).


This service is specifically tailored to solve interpersonal conflicts that often arise in small to medium-sized corporate arenas.

This process relies on my expertise gleaned from over 45,000 hours of resolving interpersonal conflicts by repairing breaks in communication that derail the successful accomplishment of the intended goals and objectives of the corporation.

(This is a highly individualized service. Call for a free consultation to determine whether this would be an appropriate option for your company’s needs.)







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