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Susan McNeal Velasquez
, a Master Facilitator, writes and produces personal development seminars.

She is one of the founders and first woman facilitators of the human potential movement’s widely validated state-of-the-art training programs. Susan served as Executive Director of Leadership Dynamics Inc. and was instrumental in the start-up of Lifespring Inc., as a Basic and Advanced Trainer. She was co-creator of Interact Relationship Seminars and was the creator of Prime Time Seminars. Additionally, she spent six years as the Executive Vice-President of Verbal Advantage Educational Programs.She currently writes a bimonthly column titled Wisdom Workout for The Laguna Beach Independent News and teaches her advanced experiential trainings on the topic: Unleash The Power of Your Intuition. The trainings are presented in Laguna Beach, Ca. and are open to the public.

Her strong business background, coupled with over 45,000 hours of hands-on facilitating expertise, and her unique and dynamic style, make her one of the most experienced personal development trainers in Southern California.

"Intention is the point of conception. It is the DNA of our desires. It is the transformational portal. It is the point of power"




Conceive means to form an idea in the mind; to imagine; to become pregnant with the intent to transform the aspects of our lives that are undernourished. As we consciously open to, accept and expand our ability to access our own intuitive wisdom, we begin to take true authorship and ownership of our lives.The major benefit of my years in this field, is that I know, beyond any doubt, the miraculous healing power of intuition. When we discover and uncover the truth that resides within our heart’s wisdom, our intellect’s passionate desire will ignite and our life experience will transform from merely surviving to fulfillment and thriving.

"When our mind is open and our heart swells with understanding and compassion, it is because we have found our intuitive voice."
~ Susan McNeal Velasquez


Laguna Beach, California 92651


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